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Science and Technology Essay


In the 21st century, there are two fields that have proven essential for both the growth of economy and general human well being. Curiosity has made scientists carry out in-depth research on new scientific theories with an aim of curbing new health challenges like cancer and AIDs. On the other hand, technology has made human existence easier. More and more money is pumped daily to technological projects in every field ranging from automotive, health and finance. No wonder the richest people on earth today are connected in one way or another with technology development. It is for this reason that students are given an opportunity to write essays on technology and science. Basically, these essays are focused on bringing out the advantage or disadvantage of the revolution of science and technology. Just like the other essay genres, science and technology topics are designed in a specific manner.

Science and technology essay sample topics

  1. Evolusion of Science and Technology in China
  2. Is religion the basis of science and technology?
  3. Advantage of science and technology over religion
  4. Curbing stress effects with science and technology
  5. Science and technology has changed education systems. Is that true?
  6. Science and technology as a weapon for racial decadence.
  7. Science and technology vs. Government policies
  8. Evolution of Forensic science and technology
  9. Is science and technology the answer to every crisis in the world today?
  10. How important is modern surgical technology?
  11. Technology as the cause of moral decadence in the society.
  12. Common negative effects of living i a technological world. Are they substantial?
  13. Efects of technology on young kids. Are they impacted negatively or positively?
  14. Technology vs. science; which is more impactful?
  15. The impact of social media to children.
  16. How will science and technology help improve third world countries?
  17. Should internet accessibility be limited?
  18. What are the negative effects of technology to the society?
  19. Discuss the impacts of science to developing countries. Is there a positive change?
  20. Explain how technology could have avoided social injustices in the past.
  21. Discuss the impacts of Microsoft in the market. Is it bullying other players in the market?
  22. Is cloning moral? Discuss the positive and negative impacts of cloning.
  23. How can science change the world?
  24. Discuss the impacts of using computers for doing research.
  25. To what extent will technology advance?
  26. How does a social medium affect the use of cell phone for texting?
  27. The human brain is like a computer. Discuss this.
  28. How healthy is Genetically Modified Food?
  29. Is it moral to donate sperms?
  30. Is surrogacy moral? 


We can expect more and more science and technology essays from the students because it is unlikely that new inventions in both sectors are going to stop any soon. This is undoubtedly a good thing for students as they will remain in touch with what is happening in the world today. More so, they will be inspired by other peoples work. Their thinking capacity will be broadened and you never know, your student could be the next Bill Gates!

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