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Reasons why students buy custom essays in the UK

Category: Essay Writing

There are many university students in the UK. In the recent past, the proportion of overseas students studying for university degrees in the UK has increased tremendously. This trend has been fuelled by a number of factors, the most notable of them being the level of prestige that universities in the UK are able to attract for many overseas students. As a result of this, a high number of overseas students are keen on acquiring degrees from the universities. However, this trend has not been without downsides. One of the most important effects that have arisen from this trend is the high demand for custom essays by university students studying in the UK. Here is a brief discussion on this effect.

First, it is important to understand that the need for students to buy custom essays in the UK is not confined to the population of overseas students. There have been arguments that have been made to suggest that overseas students, because of their perceived poor mastery of the English language, are forced to seek help when it comes to providing written work in the course of their studies. Although it is true that the majority of overseas students studying in universities in the UK may struggle to produce highly readable academic essays, it is not true to say that the shortage in communication skills in the main reason that makes students buy custom essays in the UK. This is so because there are a relatively large number of native students who still engage in the practice.

Second, students buy custom essays as a way of seeking professional help with their academic work. For this to be clear, it is important that one understands how the process actually works. The custom essays that are offered for sale are usually done by seasoned writers who have been in the trade for a considerable length of time. Basing on the instructions provided by students, the writers develop essays which are delivered to the students at a fee. The fee charged for this service varies, depending on the number of pages and the level of difficulty of the essay. Throughout the process, students who buy custom essays in the UK are able to contact the writer, offer comments about the work and request for revisions whenever they feel that the work is not up to the requirements. From this arrangement, it can be seen that students who buy such essays do so as a way of getting help in their academic work. This is so since the essays are meant to provide model work upon which students should base when developing their own.

Lastly, the motivation for students to buy custom essays in the UK is not to cheat. Although there are a few students who misuse the custom essay writing service by plagiarizing the papers bought from the many service provides in operation, this is not the standard practice for all students studying in universities in the UK. Many students are motivated by the desire to meet the high requirements with regard to written work that are used in many university courses in the UK. With the intensity of the course work, coupled with the high expectations about having a university degree from one of the many universities in the UK, students, both overseas and native, find it necessary to buy custom essays during the course of their studies.


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