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Persuasive essay topics


Just as the name suggests, persuasive essay is basically an essay that is aimed at convincing a reader that one idea is more legit and worthy than another idea. It is more like an argumative essay but the difference is that persuasive essays use reason and logic to persuade a reader. On the contrary, argumative essays are tenser in that you will have to uphold your point of view while vigorously attacking the alternate point. A writer should always keep in mind the basics of writing a persuasive essay which include being gentle and smooth.

Common persuasive essay topics

These are a few common persuasive essay topics. You should be keen to note that they give you a chance to argue on both sides i.e. you can argue against or for the idea. It is just like taking any side on a debate.

  1. Peaceful demonstration laws are an infringement of human rights
  2. Public High schools students should wear uniforms
  3. Driving licence should be given to kids at the age of 14
  4. Same sex education should be taught in high schools.
  5. Homeless kids should be given free schooling at any level
  6. There should be clubs for minors only.
  7. Public nudity is not an offence.
  8. There should be dockets in parliament for people with disabilities.
  9. There should be youth positions in the government.
  10. Major business organizations should be limited.
  11. There should be driving classes I schools
  12. Constructive hacking should be outlawed
  13. Businesses around learning institutions should be banished
  14. Thieves hands’ should be cut off
  15. Internet accessibility should be moderated by the government
  16. Marijuanashould be legalized
  17. Kids should not do any homework
  18. Ear rings are better than studs.
  19. Babysitting should be illegal.
  20. Mexico should be a sovereign state
  21. Recycling is costly
  22. Gun ownership should be mandatorily
  23. Children should be paid for homework delivery
  24. Children should not do homework.
  25. Internet access should be free.
  26. Presidents should not earn salary
  27. Perpetrators of bullying should be banned from all schools.
  28. Parents of bullies should be fined.
  29. Cell phones should be shut off while driving
  30. Kids should specialize on one profession at a younger age
  31. School lessons should end during lunch time.
  32. Students should not wear uniforms
  33. Exam grading should be abolished
  34. Smokers should not be insured.
  35. Dead beat fathers should be jailed
  36. Cigarettes should be more expensive.
  37. Teens should be allowed to come home late
  38. There should be no chapels in schools.
  39. Public officials should earn less.
  40. High schools should offer simple college courses
  41. Cats and dogs should be the only animals allowed as pets
  42. Religious education should be mandatory in schools.
  43. Parents should be paid for child upkeep.
  44. Racial churches should be closed.
  45. I am old enough to marry
  46. Food should be given for free
  47. Digital media should be free.
  48. Polygamy should be legal
  49. Pregnant couples should be married
  50. Animal products should be prohibited
  51. Driving tests are not mandatory
  52. Giving back to the community should be a must.
  53. All Africans should learn to speak English.
  54. All continents should be countries
  55. Video games should be allowed in schools.
  56. Movies are educational.
  57. There should be more holidays for schools.
  58. Aliens are real
  59. Beauty contests should be abolished.
  60. Private schools are illegal.
  61. Cabinet members are paid too much
  62. Kids should be given ID cards.
  63. Private military organizations are illegal.
  64. Athletes’ costumes are too skimpy.
  65. Kids should get paid for good behaviour.
  66. High school should have part time lessons.
  67. Killing of animals for food is illegal.
  68. Life starts at 40
  69. Obama is the greatest president
  70. Automotive transportation is killing more than ancient transportation.
  71. Colleges and universities should be merged.
  72. Medical testing on animals is immoral
  73. Prevention is more important than cure.
  74. Single-sex college promote immorality
  75. Movies just like books should never be banned.
  76. Parents should avoid restricting their kid.
  77. Kids should be schooled all year-round.
  78. Presidential terms should not be limited.
  79. Students should be allowed to conduct business in school.
  80. Music lyrics is less important than a song
  81. The world can change us.
  82. Adults should not skateboard.
  83. Kids should be allowed to swim alone
  84. People over 65 shouldn’t have twitter accounts.
  85. Exams should be eliminated.
  86. Nurses should be paid less.
  87. Heaven is possible.
  88. There should be one world language.
  89. The poor should provide for themselves,
  90. Tax on land should be abolished.
  91. Suicide is criminal offence
  92. School kids should not do chores
  93. We should invade the moon.
  94. All professionals should be paid the same amount of fee.
  95. Every family should not have more than four members
  96. Parents should talk to girls about only about sex.
  97. Watchmen make better guards than police
  98. The world should have a unified religion
  99. The sea is as important as the land
  100. Heaven is real.

These are just but a few persuasive essay topics.

Persuasive essay format

One of the most integral parts of a persuasive essay apart from the topic itself is the body format. No matter how intelligent and in-depth your ideas are, you won’t score highly on any paper without proper formatting. The main parts of a persuasive essayare:

  • Introduction: The most important aspect of a persuasive essay when it comes to the introduction is how you engage your audience. After engaging the audience in the first two sentences, you then establish the context of the topic and then finally, give a strong thesis statement.
  • Body: Make sure to start all the paragraphs with a concise topicsentence. After that, go ahead to address the issue on the topic with a counter argument.
  • Conclusion: As with all other essays, the conclusion is a summary of all the points and ideas mentioned in the entire body. It is important to note that your verdict plays a big role in concluding the thesis statement.

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