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How to write Essay about pollution

When it comes to matters concerning environment, pollution is one of the most talked about topics. It is for this reason that there are many essays written on environmentalpollution. Even so, it is important to stick to the format put in place for writing any kind of essay. Pollution essays however are not any different from other essays. All he rules used in all the other genres also apply in pollution essays. In any essay, there are three main parts to consider, apart from the topic. These include the introduction, body and conclusion. As with all other essays, pollution essays firmly argue on issues concerning pollution.

How to write air pollution essays

Air pollution essays specifically deal with issues concerning air pollution. They are generally the same with any other genre essays. There are main points to consider however when writing air pollution essays. The topic should be written in a manner that will tempt the reader to read more. It should also be known that the essay his about air pollution through the topic. Another important aspect to consider is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a summary of what the essay is all about. The argument should be positive while writing the body and all the points’ should be discussed in detail. Finally, the conclusion should be a summary of the entire essay. It is the last opportunity for the writer to convince the reader.

How to write environmental essays

Environmental essays generally talk about issues concerning the environment in general. Just like any other effective essay, environmental essays require adequate planning before the writing begins. Actually there are four main steps to writing an effective environmentalessay. They include; thinking, planning, writing and revising. If you follow these steps carefully, you will be guaranteed to produce an essay with well-developed and focused content.


Before writing any essay, it is important to take your time and think about what you are going to write. This includes the topic, body format, number of paragraphs and examples to include in the essay. When thinking about the essay, here are five things to put into consideration.

  1. Consider the purpose: What is the aim of the essay? Who is the audience? Basically, the purpose of the essay can be seen from the topic given by the instructor. In the introductory part, you can further clarify purpose of the essay in a sentence, “The purpose of this essay is…” When stating the purpose of the essay, there are two variables to consider.
  • General purpose; this is where is vividlydescribe a person’scharacteristics in detail. It may be a person you known or have read about.
  • Specific purpose: This is an explanation of what the essay is aimed at achieving. Normally it is written in the last two sentences and is normally positive.
  1. 2. Consider the audience: Any essay is aimed at making the reader read more and in doing so, learn more from the essay. It is therefore important to know your audience first before writing the essay. It is worth mentioning that different audience’s response uniquely to any subject. Also the depth of information should be standardized. It should neither be so deep nor too shallow. Many a times, students are required to write an essay for the instructor to evaluate. In such cases, the student should assume that the instructor is naïve about the topic.
  2. Consider the tone: The tone used to write an essay tells a lot about the writer’s attitude towards the subject being discussed. Environmental essays in general need to be written in a more objective tone than being humorous.
  3. Carefully consider the topic:The topic is aimed at making the reader want to know more and read the entire essay. It is therefore important for the writer to carefully choose a topic that will capture the reader’s attention.
  4. Decide on the writing strategy: This is where the write willdecide on which examples to use in each topic. It is important to begin the first articles with the strongest examples


After carefully thinking about every aspect of the essay, it is now time to carefully plan the structure of the essay. This includes the format of the essay and examples to include. When planning, it is of utter importance to consider the following aspects.

1.Create a formidable thesis: ` The thesis statement lays the basis for argument in the entire essay. Normally, it appears in the first paragraph.  Thesis statement for environmental essays should be in line withthe topic. Mostly, thesis statements for an environmental essay often need in-depth research.

  1. Write down supporting content: All essays require supporting content for the argument. These include examples and any other resource. In order to attain an effective essay, jot down the supporting content down in a paper before writing.
  2. Determine the logicalorder: After determining the supporting content, it is now time to organize the content logically. Carefully study the content and determine where to put the content in the paragraphs.This will require in-depth planning.


After thinking carefully and planning effectively, it is time to write my essay for cheap. Writing will require the writer to be adequate and be grammatically correct. Also misspellings should also be avoided at all cost. Such mistakes will tarnish the essay completely and attract less reader. Foe an effective essay, you should follow the following steps.

1, Write a draft: The draft is very important in that you will realize common mistakes that will be avoided in the final draft. You should write the draft in totally the same format like any other essay. You should include a concise introduction that will capture the reader’s attention. Depending on the number of points you are going to argue out, you should include paragraphs that should be detailed as much as possible. Finally, conclude the essay by rounding up all the points and once again, remind the reader why you are supporting the argument. Remember to leave a verdict.


After completing the draft, it is important to revise the essay before presenting it to the instructor. By doing this, you will have the chance to correct minor mistakes that can downgrade the entire essay. In case of referencing, make sure that the format is followed correctly to the latter.

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