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How to write a good essay

The legendary Shakespeare once said that “the pen is mightier than words”. To some that may be true, but to essay students, that will be highly incorrect. This is because writing an essay needs more than just a pen. Words and mightier words in that case are what will make an essay what it is. There are some factors like vocabulary that will often make one write a good essay. Those factors are indeed credible and crucial. However, minor things like the format and sentence structure are what will make any essay great. Although there are many essay genres today, it is of utter importance to know that formatting is crucial to all of them. Even so, there are common aspects that any essay, no matter the genre must have. In this article, i break down the major parts of an essay and how they should be formatted and written in detail.

The introduction

Well, for any essay, there should be an introduction. The main purpose of the introduction basically is to present the subject of discussion based on the topic and give your position on the issue to be discussed. This is mostly known as presenting your thesis statement. However, if you want your essay to be much superior, you should start with a “hook” in the first two or three sentences. The first two sentences should be able to grab the reader’s attention and make the reader want to read more. A good example is (Alcohol abuse has become a common behaviour in many…).  You may also use statistical facts or famous quotations.

Now after getting the reader’s attention, you are free to move on to the thesis. For any essay, the rule is always common when it comes to the thesis statement. It should be clear and concise on which part of the argument you support. The reader should not have any doubt on which side you support. Unlike the “hooking” sentences, thesis statements are always one line.

After the thesis statement, give the reader a sneak preview of the examples you are going to support your thesis. They should not be many but one example will do. In doing so, the reader will be in a good position to know what to expect and what the essay is all about.

Basically, the main idea of the introduction is to give the reader a taste of what to expect in the coming paragraphs. Therefore, the introduction should not be so much complicated. Actually, around for sentences are enough to make the introduction.

The Paragraph

When it comes to essays, the paragraphs between the introduction and conclusion are the ones referred to as the “paragraphs”. In high school and other preliminary institutions, they are mostly three. However, in institutions of higher learning, there is no specified number. The paragraphs play a critical role in any essay because they spell out the argument in details. Here the examples that support the thesis statement are further discussed in an attempt to make the reader support your idea.

In order to make the reader want to read more, the first paragraph should include your strongest points. This includes relevant examples to support the thesis statement. The first sentence of this and every other paragraph is very important. Also known as the topic sentence, it serves to open out the discussion in relation to the examples given.

The paragraph does not stop with the topic sentence alone. That will be highly ineffective. After the topic sentence, a good essay will follow up the example with a vivid explanation. This includes explaining to the reader why the example given is important and how it is relevant to the case. It is worth noting that every essay needs a context. After figuring out the context, it is now the duty of the student to paint a clear picture of the context to the reader.

The conclusion

Just like the other parts of the essay, the conclusion plays a big part in any essay. Due to that, it is important for the student to follow strict guidelines when closing up. This is because it is the last chance given to the student to present the argument.

The conclusion is much similar to the first introductory paragraph. That said, the student should avoid as much as possible copy pasting the introduction to be the conclusion. A good conclusion is powerful and independent of the first paragraph in the sense that, all the ideas in the paragraph are summarized here.

In order to achieve a powerful and effective conclusion, the student should start the first sentence with a conclusive statement e.g. (In conclusion…). After that, the student should try to mention the thesis statement in totally new words. To some extent, it is acceptable to use some words in the thesis statement but quoting the entire statement should be avoided at all cost. In doing so, the student will be putting more emphasis on the argument supported. Finally, t6he conclusion should end with a call to action. This will tell the reader that the essay has come to an end.

Good essay sample topics

It’s always the norm that there is no second chance to first impression. When writing an essay, the topic greatly determines whether it will be good or not. It is therefore important to structure your topic in a way that will attract the reader to read. Some common essay examples include;

  1. Socrates self defence and “know thy self”
  2. The evolution of mobile technology; how has it impacted humanity?
  3. Discuss the main causes of war in reference to world war one and two.
  4. A house divided cannot stand
  5. The Roman Empire (descriptive)
  6. Science has failed humanity. Discuss.
  7. Religion has failed humanity. Discuss.
  8. Discuss the pros and cons of human cloning.
  9. The pool table (Descriptive)
  10. Impacts of African contribution to the world economy
  11. The Caribbean holiday (Descriptive)
  12. Music is the food to the soul. Discuss.
  13. Discuss the evolution of Tango dance.
  14. What factors lead to the formation of extremist groups in relation to terror groups?
  15. Discuss human evolution and future prospective.

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