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Descriptive essay topics


Just like all the other essay genres’ descriptive essays play an important role in the students’ development. More specifically, descriptive essay are essays that require the student to describe something vividly in order to create a clear impression in the readers mind. They are meant to boost the student’s creative and descriptive capability. A good descriptive essay will often make the reader emotional depending on the topic.

Examples of descriptive essay topics

  1. TheOlympic torch
  2. Theorchestra
  3. Obama’s rise to power
  4. The Holocaust
  5. The trip to Spain
  6. Dubai shoppingmall; A life time experience
  7. The world war two
  8. Descriptive essay- The football league
  9. Descriptive essay- The white house
  10. Descriptive essay- The fall Rome
  11. Descriptive essay- Armageddon the movie
  12. Descriptive essay- The super car
  13. Descriptive essay- The corner shop
  14. Descriptive essay- Childhood memories
  15. Descriptive essay- The elementary school
  16. Descriptive essay-Life in campus
  17. Descriptive essay- The concert
  18. Descriptive essay- The African continent
  19. Descriptive essay- The psychiatric ward
  20. Descriptive essay-The playground

Descriptive essay sample about The Coca-Cola Company

Coca Cola Company is the largest beverage company in the world (Karnani, 2014). It refreshes consumers with over five hundred sparkling and energizing brands. Coca cola is the leading brand, and one of the most recognizable and valuable brands globally. The company’s portfolio contains about twenty billion- dollar brands (Karnani, 2014). These include Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani, Minute Maid, Vitamin Water, Georgia, Del Valle, and Simply. Internationally, the company is the best provider of non-alcoholic beverages, juice drinks, and drinking water. Coca Cola Company primarily sells syrups and concentrates, in addition to some finished beverages (Karnani, 2014).  It also takes part in canning, bottling, and distribution activities in addition to concentrating on fountain retailing and fountain wholesale activities. Moreover, Coca-Cola Company has ownership interests in several canning and bottling operations. Major markets for the company’s products are spread all over the world.

Mission Statement

The roadmap for Coca Cola Company starts with the mission, which is enduring. The mission declares the company’s purpose and serves as the instrument against which the company’s actions and decisions are weighed (Brison, 2012). The mission includes refreshing the world, to make a difference while creating value, and to inspire moments of happiness and optimism.


The company’s vision acts as the outline for its roadmap and directs every aspect of the organization’s business by recounting what is to be accomplished to continue realizing quality and sustainable growth (Brison, 2012). The organization’s vision towards people is to be a great to work, in which individuals are motivated to be the best they can be. To partners, the company’s vision is to develop a winning network of suppliers and customers, to collectively create mutual and enduring value. Being a highly effective and fast moving organization is the productivity vision of the company. Coca Cola Company also visualizes being a responsible citizen that creates a difference by helping in building and supporting sustainable communities (Brison, 2012). Moreover, the company seeks to bring a range of quality beverage brands to the world, to satisfy their needs and desires. In addition to this, maximizing long term return to shareholders while being cognizant of the overall responsibilities is yet another vision of the coca cola company.

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