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Argumentative Essay Topics


When writing an essay, there are numerous genres that a student should be conversant with. One of them is Argumentative essay. Unlike persuasive essay topics, an argumentative essay topics requires the student to argue out concise ideas based on facts and little room for imagination. It is neither smooth nor gentle but the arguments presented by a student should be strong in trying to evaluate an idea and bring out credible evidence. What makes it further different from a persuasive essay is that there is no picking side of argument. Even so, argumentative essays are closely similar to expository essays. The only different is that argumentative essays require a lot more research than expository essays. It is important also to note that argumentative essay topics are slightly different from the rest.

Examples of argumentative essay topics

In the same way the argumentative essay is different from other essays, so is the topic. It is less put into consideration by many students but it is absolutely important for any student to know that the topic will determine what kind of arguments they are going to write. Here are some of examples of argumentative essay topics.

  1. Students participating in extra –curricular activities have more chance in career prospects
  2. Peer-pressure is good for personal growth
  3. Any kind of junk food should not be allowed in campus
  4. All is well in business, love and conflicts
  5. Teamwork fosters great improvement towards employees’ efficiency
  6. Critical thinking improves company’s standards of performance
  7. Mode of dressing is not a must for office staff
  8. Every person should participate in sports activities
  9. Being seated during lectures should not be compulsory
  10. Organizations can decide not to employ persons who smoke
  11. Company’s strategies should not be copied by other competing companies
  12. China is the latest superpower in economics
  13. Business language should remain English worldwide
  14. One currency should be used by all countries
  15. The evidence from Europe crisis clearly indicates the adverse effects of globalization
  16. Small scale businesses in United States can be interfered by European debts
  17. Energy drinks niches in business can be used to generate more traffic
  18. Bad leadership is the source of business failures
  19. Offering subcontracts in IT departments is unsuccessful
  20. Online piracy can be eradicated by SOPA and PIPA
  21. Government should rescue businesses experiencing bankruptcy
  22. Business should always prosper
  23. Success in business cannot be guaranteed by taking MBA degree
  24. Small businesses growing in small towns should not allow investors from big companies
  25. Calling off business debts from poor countries is unfair
  26. Using social media for carrying out advertisements is good
  27. Sales letters that come directly are always considered untrue
  28. Affirmative branding is the only means for business success
  29. Either in old or new price, business tricks will remain as the effective means
  30. Sense of humour is the only means for targeting business audience
  31. The use of text messages in business advertisement is running out of fashion
  32. The key to business success is brought by customer feedback
  33. Regular coaching is good for company’s staff
  34. Confidential information of all traders should be protected by the law
  35. Effective management can only work best by delegating duties to members
  36. It is not good for parents to provide consent ideas for control pills used by teens
  37. Citizens below 21 years should not be given the mandate of carrying guns
  38. Police should have the permission to carry out thorough search on vehicles driven by unlicensed drives
  39. Any kind of material containing information about abortion should not be mailed
  40. Airplanes should not allow excess weight fees
  41. Tanning beds should be used by fellows under 18 years
  42. Unnecessary whaling should be banned
  43. Are headphones good for children under ten years?
  44. Any company generating nuclear power should be banned worldwide
  45. Government should ban the manufacture of plastic bags
  46. Both female and male sports should be treated equally
  47. Smoking cannot alleviate stress
  48. Addiction is something that every person suffers from
  49. Drug addiction is caused by lack of good morals
  50. Education is the key to success for a developing country
  51. There are morals behind cloning
  52. Should sex education in schools be allowed or altered?
  53. Should gay marriage be allowed in a democratic country?
  54. Should video games be allowed in schools?
  55. Benefits of alternative source of energy
  56. Is teen marriage good?
  57. Should marijuana be legalized in countries?
  58. Is long distance relationship workable?
  59. Is motherhood the most suitable age?
  60. Destruction of forest is the source of drought
  61. Are you though technology well in your campus?
  62. Is online learning good as face to face learning?
  63. Is the use of computer in grading essays good?
  64. Are cell phones good in class?
  65. Can we trust online reviews?
  66. Facebook addiction is a great challenge
  67. Poor reading habits leads to failure
  68. Would you consider upgrading your twitter account?
  69. How much do you trust your instincts?
  70. Does personal study count more than attending lessons?
  71. Which computer windows will you award the best prize?
  72. Is love really blind?
  73. Studying at old age is a bit challenging
  74. What is the relationship between truth and fiction?
  75. Pop culture deserve serious study
  76. People perusing creative work should get some help from the government
  77. Conducting school rankings should not be allowed
  78. What measures should be taken to avoid female sexual arrestment?
  79. Female students should be encouraged to peruse science and math based courses
  80. Female candidates should be allowed to run higher positions of offices
  81. Is gender mainstreaming a good idea in society?
  82. Do girls have high intense friendship than boys?
  83. Girls should have perfect body shapes
  84. Parents who offer advices to their children reap the best
  85. Child gaining in school should be prohibited
  86. Conducting extra-curricular activities on schools is good for pupils’ development
  87. How much pressure to boys undergoes to have perfect bodies?
  88. Is rating boys against girls good in schools?
  89. Death penalty should be stopped in courts?
  90. Rich people get off easier when they break the law
  91. What is your personal relationship with firearms?
  92. Should gun owning be legalized in a democratic country?
  93. Should guns be permitted in universities?
  94. Video games are good for children
  95. Should parents limit time spent by their kids watching TVs?
  96. Should disciplining of children be allowed?
  97. How should parents handle bad report cards?
  98. Are horror movies good for children?

Argumentative essay format

The basic structure of any argumentative essay must include the following points in the introduction, the body and the conclusion. They include a clear, concise and defined thesis statement, introduction, body and conclusion. Even so, the introduction, body and conclusion individually must have some distinct features. Let’s look at them in details.

  • Introduction: This is where the student should clearly bring out the argument. The paragraph should be well designed to capture the attention of the reader. Basically, the paragraph may include a sneak preview of the ideas that will support your argument in the body of the essay. However, students should not forget to include the thesis statement because it will give the reader a clear idea of your argument.
  • Body: This is where you clearly spell out your argument in details. Most argumentative essays however are characterised by a five paragraph body structure. In all this five paragraphs, it is of utter essence that the student constructs the first sentence of the paragraph to give the reader an idea of what idea the paragraph will argue about.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion serves to bring out two aspects of the entire paper. One is to give a conclusive summary of the ideas argued on the essay and two, is to give the writer an opportunity to give a verdict on the personal point of view. Avoid a copy of the introduction as a conclusion. The two pats should totally be different.

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