College Essay Example – Me and My Career

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Every human faces the time to make important decisions that will determine their future path. The choice of profession is one of such decisions. Despite the fact that many graduates find themselves in areas not related to professional orientation, I want to work according specialty – “Highways and airports”.

I have chosen this direction not accidently – my parents had once made such decision too. Even though my mother is no longer working, but father still remains faithful to his work. So we can confidently say that we are a family of hereditary road builders. That is why it is so important for me to be highly responsible to my work and not to lose face.

Today, as a hundred years ago, much of the trucking and passenger traffic in the country is carried out on the highway, which is why the main problem in the development of the infrastructure of USA is the availability of high-quality and functional highways. Continue reading

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English Essay Sample on Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Role of Consciousness in
“Picture of Dorian Gray”

The picture of Dorian is a literary masterpiece, as it fully conveys the atmosphere of London aristocracy of the time, it contains a lot of brilliant aphorisms and raises issues that will never cease to be relevant. Wilde compares the problem of youth and beauty with vice and moral exhaustion.

The novel’s plot is based on the fact that Dorian Gray, has an angelic young beauty, and he sees the sense of his existence only in it. Dorian is chasing eternal youth and eternal pleasure and one day he pays a high price for it: he exchanges his soul to stay young for ever. His words to the artist Basil confirms this: “Oh, if it were only the other way! If the picture could change, and I could be always what I am now!” Dorian betrayed all kinds of temptations and taboos, he leads a life of vice, and his portrait assume all the consequences of such life. The picture is getting older, instead of Dorian. Beautiful portrait reflects a moral decay. Continue reading

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Violence Essay Sample

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Ethical Difference of Violence and
non-Violence in Society

In modern world there is a place not only for embodiment the ideas of freedom and independence, implementation of democratic values and fundamental principles of liberalism, but also there is place for violation of these norms and disregard of human values. Different examples from history, economics, politics and life situations has shown that violence and non-violence have a very close relationship, one begets the other, or one is consequence of the other. Thus, violence and non-violence can be interpreted at different levels and stages of one process.

Violence and non-violence as a method of compulsion or creation is inherent in any historical period. The importance of these concepts depend on what ethical standards guided humanity. For example, in ancient Sparta, the state controlled the children’s upbringing from the moment of their birth. Continue reading

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Suicide Essay Sample on Sociology

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Suicide as a Deviant Behavior

There are many examples of deviant behavior, and suicide is one of them. The most famous work on the suicide- it is “Suicide” by Emile Durkheim. He gives the following definition: suicide – a death case of one person, which is the result of a positive or negative act committed by the victim, and is the deliberate deprivation of own life.

The reasons for such behavior are numerous. Durkheim distinguishes egoistic suicide (for example, the defeat of ambition, the lack of social ties) – a person believes that life belongs only to him and he is master of his fate, so has the right to dispose of life as he or she wishes; altruistic – suicide for the sake of someone else (for example, heroism); anomic – anomie in times when people can not adapt to the changed conditions, can not find their place in the context of social disorganization (crises in the society); fatalistic – when a person is at the mercy of external forces and is in a desperate situation (slavery, incurable disease). Continue reading

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Hook Writing Like a Pro

How much time do you usually spend on writing a good hook for an essay? Have you mentioned that the time you spend on inventing a perfect combination of words for the attention grabber may take the third part of all the time of writing the whole paper? Lets ease your work time – take a pen and note down the following advice.

  1. Start with writing the whole essay without a hook. It may look ridiculous, but it it one of the easiest way to write a hook! You will have an opportunity to look on the whole text and eliminate the most important facts to show in your introduction. Now you can start to imagine the variants of hooks that you will use at the beginning of this essay! We advice you to write all variants and choose the best one.
  2. Write the quotation that relates directly or indirectly to the paper theme. Choose a quotation that will support your subsequent ideas in the text and make a bright beginning. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” by Edmund Burke is a great citation to begin a historical essay or an essay on sociology.
  3. Think up a question that will make readers get interested in your answer. It will be a
    great beginning of persuasive essay. “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” by David Attenborough. This question will be a good support for the essay about animal protection or the essay against the ZOO or hunting. Continue reading
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14 Ways to Accelerate Studying Productivity

studying habitsToday we will talk about concentration and studying habits to improve it. Unwittingly we want to call it an “optimization.”

  • Learn some meditation techniques via YouTube. Regular meditation activities will increase brain power, mindfulness and reduce sleepiness. Practice everywhere!
  • Decrease refined carbs (ice-cream, white bread, breakfast cereals, etc.) Add to your food cinnamon, vinegar, lemon juice, and other fibre products to decrease sugar level.
  • Eat less and healthier. The more you eat, the less blood comes to the brain, as your stomach starts intensively working.
  • Do more exercises to feel well and sleep better.
  • Practice your critical thinking and improve your read speed. Make your reading effective – criticize, analyze and make forecasts.
  • Work on complicated material in the morning, as it is the most productive time of the day.
  • Try to reduce all disturbing things in your life: bad hobbies, relationships, etc. Start a journal with your thoughts and prospectives on future and in near future you will separate things that inhibit normal life.

Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast Paper Sample

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Genius and Villainy: Are They Compatible?

Usually genius is a synonym of positive qualities that lead the mankind to progress and every human wants to be an outstanding personality. Villain is an antipode that has a variety of negative qualities that are distracting for many human beings and are satisfying his vain intentions. Is it simple enough as it seems?

The main question has arisen after reading one quotation that at first sight seems to be words of a kind and throughly spiritual person.

Secular schools can never be tolerated because such a school has no religious instruction and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . We need believing people.

Adolf Hitler

It’s interesting that a recognized villain could speak about faith and morality in that way. The literature gave answers that Hitler had genius qualities in some fields. For example, Hitler is only one politics in the history that has fulfilled all campaign promises after coming to authority in 1933: he solved the unemployment problem with running a military industry; democrats, communists and homosexuals were crashed with repressions; improved public health and increased birth rate. Continue reading

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Fashion History Description Essay Sample

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Boho Style in Modern World

The term «Bohemian» has appeared in French as one of the names of Roma that lived in Bohemia, (area of modern Czech Republic) in the Middle Ages. The term appeared in France in the first half of the 19th century and became very popular after the appearance of a Henri Murger collection “Scenes from the Life of Bohemia” in 1849. Bogema – an eccentric lifestyle that characterized a certain part of the artistic intelligentsia, theatrical and literary circles, and figures that live on unstable incomes. Representatives of this class lead a carefree way of living.
Boho style has been actively developed from 2000. The first accents were made in London and America, but its echoes can be found in 60’s. This style has collected a number of cultures: hippies, vintage, ethnics, handmade, gypsy style. A free cut clothes, colorful boho skirts look like a hippie, but the people that prefer Boho style are promoting a slightly different way of life. Women look more feminine, attractive, and there are no drugs, hippie music and free love. This style is directed inside the human: growing creativity, personal individuality, and a sloppiness in the look is not the denial of fashion. Continue reading

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What to Do if You Were Expelled from University?

Maybe the most tragic words the student may hear – “you are expelled.” This phrase looks like a condemnation and fortunately or not, the college problems end after this phrase.

Lets see the most often purposes to be expelled from college are:

  1. Poor academic progress. Teachers are people too, so they always try to meet and understand the students. However, the exams at the end of the semester will still need to be completed.
    It is important to know: if you didn’t pass an examination in three or more disciplines or academic debt is not resolved within the specified time, you surely will be expelled from the university.
  2. Systematic absences in the university. If a student is absent on classes for a long period of time, and after appearance does not provide an official document confirming his absence, it is considered absenteeism.
    So the absence in the university without a good reason for two weeks or more becomes a strong argument for further expulsion.
  3. Drunkenness and violation of internal regulations of the university. If a student systematically violates the university discipline and such behavior threatens the life and safety of other students, the dean’s office may forcibly expel this person as soon as possible. Continue reading
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14 Advice on How to Boost Your Learning

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Sick of spending lots of hours studying a new topic? Learn faster with our advice!

  1. Pay your attention on certain topic and try to keep focus on it.
  2. Organize your process as simple as you can – write in small sentences, use abbreviations and make lists or tables.
  3. Always control yourself to be focused – sit in a calm atmosphere and avoid procrastination to receive the maximum of information. Reduce noises of television, music, and children scream will distract your ability to remember and understand.
  4. Develop your talent in skim reading when learning and start to pick the essential parts of information more quicker.
  5. Test yourself regularly, or get people to test you on the subject. It’s very beneficial because hearing people say things or writing them down makes information go in easier, at least for me. Testing yourself also shows you your weaker points and shows you the direction on how to learn fast. Continue reading
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